Dana White is definitely not sending any love to UFC referee Mario Yamazaki.  During the Kevin Lee vs Michael Chiesa fight referee Yamazaki made the mistake of making an early stoppage after Lee locked in a rear-naked choke on Chiesa.

Of course this premature stoppage did not sit well with UFC President Dana White who on instagram blasted Yamazaki. He said:

Mario Mazzagatti does it again!!! This guy is more concerned with doing this dumb ass heart bullshit then Ref’n the fight!!! Steals a great moment from Lee or let Mike fight it or tap. Nobody gives a shit that u can make a heart with ur hands like a 12 year old girl they want u to pay attention to what’s going on in the fight and do ur job.

In case you are wondering why White referred to Mario as Mario Mazzagatti, this is just to throw a jab at Mario and to associate his “bad” calls to Steve Mazzagatti, a former UFC referee who is notorious for making bad calls during fights.

Most people who believed that the stoppage was too early believe also that Lee’s RNC was deep and Chiesa may have zero to low chances of escaping from that position.